What is ups power supply


UPS power supply is a high-quality, high-reliability independent power supply, and is a battery static type uninterruptible power supply device. Ups power supply is a device with energy storage function. It is named as an uninterruptible power supply. In layman's terms, it is something that protects the device and provides temporary power supply when the normal power supply is interrupted. It needs to be connected between the mains and other devices. For example, before the server and the computer are connected to the mains, the UPS can be connected to the power supply first and then powered on, which can stabilize the voltage and prevent data loss caused by power failure.


What is ups power supply


To put it bluntly, UPS is a backup power supply. It is a dispensable power supply device for computers or other computer products. Generally, it is widely used in enterprises. Its function is equivalent to a rechargeable battery. A safety device that supplies power. For example, if there is a sudden power failure, the computer can automatically switch to the UPS for power supply, so that the computer can still work normally, ensuring that the important data being operated in the computer is not lost.


A complete UPS power supply system is composed of front-end power distribution (mains, generator, power distribution cabinet), UPS host, battery, back-end power distribution, and additional background monitoring or network monitoring software/hardware units.


After the UPS power system detects the grid voltage interruption, it can start the power supply by itself, and as the energy storage battery slowly discharges, the capacity of the energy storage battery will gradually decrease with time. % and leave a certain margin, the working time of the UPS power system is 2 hours when the energy storage battery is full capacity, and 1 hour at half capacity.


UPS power supply


1. Uninterrupted switching between the two power supplies.


2. Isolation. The grid disturbances such as instantaneous interruption, harmonics, voltage fluctuation, frequency fluctuation and voltage noise are blocked before the load, even if the load does not interfere with the grid, so that the disturbance in the grid does not affect the load.


3. Voltage conversion function: The input voltage is equal to or not equal to the output voltage, such as 380V1380V, 380V/220V, including voltage regulation.


UPS uninterruptible power supply is widely used in major data centers, computer room equipment, professional service providers, system video, digital control, limited technology, improve product reliability, stable performance, suppliers, large central network computer rooms, ISP service providers, medical Systems and other places are indispensable equipment for modern technology.