What are the main components of online UPS power supply?


What are the main components of UPS power supply? UPS power supply is a power supply device with energy storage device. It was often used as a backup power supply at the beginning of its appearance, and was gradually used as a voltage regulator as its function increased. The UPS power system consists of five parts: main circuit, bypass, battery and other power input circuits, rectifier (REC) for AC/DC conversion, inverter (INV) for DC/AC conversion, inverter and bypass output Switching circuit and accumulator battery. The voltage regulation function of its system is usually completed by a rectifier. The rectifier device adopts a silicon controlled rectifier or a high-frequency switching rectifier. It has the function of controlling the output amplitude according to the change of the external power, so that when the external power changes (the change should meet the requirements), and output a rectified voltage with a substantially constant amplitude.


What are the main components of online UPS power supply?


What are the main components of Hefei UPS power supply?


The purification function is completed by the energy storage battery. Since the rectifier cannot eliminate the transient pulse interference, the rectified voltage still has interference pulses. In addition to the function of storing direct current energy, the energy storage battery is like a large capacitor connected to the rectifier, and its equivalent capacitance is proportional to the capacity of the energy storage battery. Since the voltage across the capacitor cannot be abruptly changed, the smoothing characteristic of the capacitor to the pulse is used to eliminate the pulse interference and play a purification function, also known as the shielding of the interference.


The frequency stabilization is done by the converter, and the frequency stability depends on the stability of the oscillation frequency of the converter. In order to facilitate the daily operation and maintenance of the UPS power system, the system work switch, the automatic bypass switch after the main engine self-check fault, and the maintenance bypass switch are designed.


When the grid voltage works normally, it supplies power to the load and charges the energy storage battery at the same time; when there is a sudden power failure, the UPS power supply starts to work, and the energy storage battery supplies the power required by the load to maintain normal production; , when the load is seriously overloaded, the grid voltage is rectified to supply power directly to the load).


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