What Are The Functional And Characteristics Of The 3/3 Phase Modular Online Ups Power Supply


The 3/3 phase modular online UPS power supply adopts advanced three -level reverse technology. From parts to the whole machine all with a reliable redundant design, it has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy expansion, on -demand expansion, and small area. Provide loads with reliable, stable, and pure green power.


It has the following functional characteristics:


1. Energy -saving and efficient


1) The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 97%, which greatly saves energy consumption (UPS itself thermal consumption and air -conditioning energy consumption), reducing operating costs.


2) The output power factor defaults to 1.0, the cost of the same equipment, the more contributing output, the higher cost performance, and meet the demand for high output power factor for different application scenarios.


2.Intelligent, reliable and friendly


1) Innovate the application data intelligent collection technology, and let the control panel of one product check all the product data in the parallel system.


2) Large -dimensional color touch screen design is more in line with ergonomics and design aesthetics, operating humanization.


3) Switch dual -key combination, soft and hard combination of dual protection.


4) EPO button with a protective cover is emergency, anti -error operation design, and double upgrade.


5) Human -machine interface is friendly, close to customer use habits, rich software functions, which is convenient for user information to read and operate.


6) Asset management that supports damaged devices and spare parts.