What are the classifications of ups power supplies


UPS power is an uninterruptible power supply, which is a device used to provide electrical energy. It can complete the mutual conversion of special direct current and mains during work, and provide relevant uninterrupted and stable electrical power for computers or computer network servers. When the mains is working normally, it can play the role of voltage regulation, so as to ensure the safety of electricity consumption. If the mains is cut off, that is, a power failure occurs, it can convert the original electric energy into the mains with normal voltage value to provide emergency electric energy. . UPS power supply is actually a special power supply device used to ensure the safety of electronic equipment.


What are the classifications of ups power supplies


Classification of UPS power supply:


Generally speaking, UPS power supply is divided into three categories: backup type, online type, and online interactive type. They will be slightly different when they work.


Backup UPS: Backup power supply is the most commonly used UPS power supply. In addition to the basic features of UPS power supply such as automatic voltage regulation, power failure safety protection, etc., the backup power supply is also very simple in structure and relatively cheap. Reliability is very high. Although it generally has a response time of about 10ms when it is working, this does not affect its normal work. Therefore, it is widely used in the power supply of electronic devices such as microcomputers and POS.


Online UPS: Compared with the backup UPS, the online UPS has a very complex structure, but because of this, its functions are relatively complete and can solve all power consumption problems. For example, in the four-way PS series, it can continue to Supports input of completely standard sinusoidal radio waves, and can basically solve problems such as spikes, surges, and frequency drifts in power supply. Therefore, it is generally used to work in some specific key equipment or large electronic equipment such as power centers.


Online interactive UPS: Compared with the backup UPS, its basic functions are almost the same as the backup type, but it has a powerful filtering function, and the main protection function and energy supply function are slightly stronger than the backup type. In particular, the filtering function can greatly increase its anti-interference ability, so the online interactive UPS is mainly used in some areas with harsh environments.


The benefits of UPS power supply:


The previous article has already told you that UPS power supply can play a huge role in power protection and avoid electrical damage caused by power outages. In addition, its unique power conversion function can also play the role of emergency energy supply. For example, when a power outage occurs when we are in urgent need of power, we can use UPS power as a power supply device. But what we need to pay attention to is that the UPS power supply itself has a certain capacity, so it cannot be used as a power supply for a long time.


What are the classifications of ups power supplies


Seeing this, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of UPS. As a product of a new type of technology, UPS is very useful in some specific fields, and it is precisely because of this that it provides a strong guarantee for our electricity safety.