Four Advantages Of Industrial/low Frequency Ups


Four advantages of Industrial/Low frequency UPS

Industrial/Low frequency UPS power supply is a long-standing power supply in the UPS industry. It is widely used in billing centers, communication base stations, banking outlets, ATMs, and network office environments in various industries such as securities, transportation, electricity, and industry. Compared with other types of UPS, Industrial/Low frequency UPS has many advantages.


1. Advantages of the working principle of Industrial/Low frequency UPS

1). Industrial/Low frequency UPS uses digital signal processing technology to ensure fast and flexible measurement data, thereby generating fast control variables and ensuring real-time control of chargers and inverters.


2). Industrial/Low frequency UPS has stronger short circuit protection capability and stronger overload capability than high frequency UPS.


3). Due to the extremely unstable electricity environment and the susceptibility to interference from some external conditions, the requirements for short-circuit capacity and overload capacity are also higher. The use of Industrial/Low frequency UPS will greatly improve the safety and stability of load equipment.


2. The advantages of the Industrial/Low frequency UPS hardware configuration

1).The Industrial/Low frequency UPS has a unique standard input/output transformer to isolate the current from input interference.


2).The components of the Industrial/Low frequency UPS can be designed according to the customer's specifications and needs. Each component can withstand a higher rated power and has a long life, aiming to ensure the safety and durability of the user's equipment operation process.

​​The high-frequency UPS is designed to reduce costs, so its components only meet the minimum rated power requirements.


3). Strong adaptability to harsh industrial environments

Industrial/Low frequency UPS is mainly designed to be used in harsh industrial environments, while high frequency UPS does not have this adaptability.


4). Advantages of the life of Industrial/Low frequency UPS equipment

The design life of power frequency UPS is more than 20 years, while the design life of high frequency UPS is 3 to 5 years.


3. The superiority of the power quality of the Industrial/Low frequency UPS output

The input and output transformers unique to the Industrial/Low frequency UPS. While galvanic isolation from input disturbances will also improve the quality of the final power output.