What Are The Functions Of The Modular Ups Power Module?


Modular UPS switching power supply is composed of UPS output power module, static data power switch module, display information communication module and its battery pack. The UPS output power module includes part of the traditional UPS rectifier, battery charging, inverter and related control loops. Its inverter efficiency reaches more than 97%, which improves the working efficiency of bare metal, reduces consumption and saves electromagnetic energy.


1. Modular UPS switching power supply can be used in a variety of scenarios. Office buildings, assembly workshops or hospital outpatient clinics all use this kind of unique switching power supply. According to the continuous and stable power supply system to ensure all normal production and diagnosis and treatment, It is used to maintain everyone's financial security and life road safety. It is ecological, and basically all areas that must have a backup power supply can cite this technology.


2. Small in size and large in capacity, it can provide stable switching power supply for basic household appliances.


3. The characteristics of machinery and equipment are unitized and maintenance-free. The server is in a closed state, which can prevent pollution and prevent accidental damage. When it is necessary to upgrade or maintain machinery and equipment, free online solutions are convenient and fast, and you can upgrade without disassembling the machinery and equipment.


4. The architecture of the modular UPS switching power supply is extensible. The design concept of the output power module is that it can be handled and installed casually during the operation of the system software without jeopardizing the operation and output of the system software, so that the overall planning of the project investment remains "expanded on demand." ”, allowing customers to maintain “dynamic growth” as the market expands, which not only takes into account the on-demand expansion of machinery and equipment in the middle and later stages, but also reduces the initial purchase cost.


5. Two or more machines can be connected in series. It has the functions of battery test and maintenance, microcomputer monitor on duty, and remote control of communication; in terms of equipment composition, electronic devices are standardized, modularized, and have good tolerance coordination; wide operating voltage input, high efficiency output, and load working capacity strong characteristics.


6. When the voltage is terminated (safety accident power failure), the modular UPS power supply will immediately supply the electromagnetic energy of the rechargeable battery of the body to the load again according to the method of inverter transformation to supply 230V AC current to the load, so that the load can keep everything in normal operation. Maintenance load software and hardware configuration are not damaged.


What Are The Functions Of The Modular Ups Power Module