What are the characteristics of Network And Server Online Ups


The so-called Network And Server Online Ups means that no matter whether the grid voltage is normal or not, the AC voltage used by the load must pass through the inverter circuit, that is, the inverter circuit is always in working state, and the online UPS is generally a double conversion structure. Double conversion means that when the UPS is working normally, the power is supplied to the load after AC/DC and DC/AC conversion twice.


What are the characteristics of Network And Server Online Ups


The inverter of Network And Server Online Ups has been working all the time. It first converts the external alternating current into direct current through the circuit, and then converts the direct current into high-quality sine wave alternating current through the high-quality inverter and outputs it to the computer. The main function of the online UPS in the power supply condition is to stabilize the voltage, prevent the interference of radio waves, and manage the charging of the battery at the same time. Since the inverter is always working, there is no switching time problem, which is suitable for occasions with strict requirements on power supply.


So what are the characteristics of the online UPS using this working method?


Because the on-line UPS supplies power to the load from the internal battery to the inverter when the mains is normal or when the mains is interrupted, the power supply to the load is provided by the inverter of the UPS. Because of this, the influence of any voltage fluctuation and interference from the mains grid on the load operation is fundamentally eliminated, and a non-interference regulated power supply to the load is truly realized. This is obviously not something that any kind of anti-interference AC regulated power supply can solve. When the mains voltage range is 180~250V, its output voltage stability range can reach 220V±3%, and the sine wave operating frequency stability range is 50Hz±1%.


The waveform distortion coefficient of the sine wave output by the online UPS is the smallest, generally less than 3%.


When the mains is interrupted, the online UPS can truly realize uninterrupted power supply to the load. As long as the internal battery can provide energy to the UPS inverter, regardless of whether the mains is interrupted, the online UPS is powered by the inverter to the load. Therefore, in the process from the mains power supply to the mains interruption, there is no conversion action inside the online UPS, and the conversion time for the load power supply is zero.


Compared with the backup UPS, the online UPS has excellent output voltage transient characteristics. Generally, when 100% load is loaded or 100% load is unloaded, its output voltage change range is about 1%, and the duration of this change is generally 1~3 cycles.


In the control circuit of the online UPS, the input transformer, output transformer and photoelectric coupling device are used to separate the "strong current" drive part and the "weak current" control circuit part from the electrical point of view, so the reliability of the circuit is greatly improved. improvement. The failure rate of such UPS is generally very low.


The above are the main characteristics of the online UPS power supply, and it is precisely because it has the advanced advantages that these traditional backup UPS do not have, so it has become the mainstream of the market. If you want to know more about Network And Server Online Ups, please contact China Upsystem Power factory, a professional supplier of online UPS, we support mass customization.