What are the characteristics of online ups


Online UPS is a power electronic device that can supply high-quality power and ensure continuous power supply. With the continuous development of automation and informationization of online UPS power supply, the demand for power in various industries is becoming more and more strong, and the requirements for power protection are getting higher and higher. As an important equipment to ensure the stability and continuity of power supply, UPS has been widely used in each field. Upsystem Power factory explains the characteristics of online UPS power supply in detail.


What are the characteristics of online ups


Usually, the equipment chooses the online UPS as economically as possible according to the requirements of power supply reliability, functional requirements, and ease of use. Choose different types of online UPS according to different load characteristics. From practicality and convenience of selection, online UPS power supplies can be divided into three categories:


1. Single operation, backup operation;


2. With or without bypass conversion;


3. Usually the inverter runs. Usually the mains run.


When the mains is interrupted, the online UPS can truly realize uninterrupted power supply to the load. As long as the internal battery can supply energy to the UPS inverter, regardless of whether the mains is interrupted, the online UPS is powered by the inverter to the load. Therefore, in the process from the mains power supply to the mains interruption, there is no conversion action inside the online UPS, and the conversion time for the load power supply is zero. Online UPS power supply has the following characteristics:


1. Single-running online UPS power supply is used for general important loads; it is used for loads with different input and output frequencies, or has little effect on the mains, and requires high frequency accuracy.


2. Backup operation Online UPS power supply, using multiple non-power-off devices, with backup function, when part of the fault occurs, other normal parts supply power to the load for particularly important loads.


3. There is a bypass conversion on-line UPS power supply, and the load can be powered by the mains and the inverter to improve the reliability of the power supply. Most online UPSs are bypassed.


4. No bypass conversion online UPS power supply, used for different input and output frequencies, or loads with extremely high requirements on mains frequency and voltage accuracy.


5. Usually the inverter is running, and the load has high requirements on the quality of the power supply, and is not affected by the mains, power supply voltage and frequency.


6. During normal mains operation, the load does not require high power quality and high reliability, and the operation efficiency is high without conversion. When used, the three operating modes are combined and applied according to the nature of the load.


In order to improve the safety management level of power environment equipment, network equipment and other equipment in the information center computer room, enhance the stability of equipment operation, timely discover hidden dangers of equipment failures, improve management efficiency, and reduce work pressure, a centralized monitoring system in the computer room is specially established. The system construction requires a state demonstration of the overall power environment equipment in the computer room, rapid fault location, timely fault notification, preservation of alarm information and system operation data, drawing analysis charts, and equipment inspection and analysis records.


The Network And Server Online Ups power supply adopts digital control technology and high-frequency power conversion technology. It has the characteristics of small size, high performance, significant energy saving benefits, and greatly reduces operating costs. It integrates multiple functions such as AC voltage regulation, backup power supply, and peak surge absorption, to meet the power protection of harsh grid environments, and to supply pure, safe and stable power to the load.