UPS Power Supply Installation Process


As an indispensable part of the power supply system of the data center room, the UPS power supply requires normal installation, use and maintenance.


1. Before installation, the operating environment should be clarified. When choosing the installation location, it is best to be a separate room with no conductive impurities and equipped with air conditioners. The operating environment should be clean and dry, and protective measures should be taken. At the same time, the air should be free of dust and corrosive gases.


In addition to the normal operation of the system, it is also necessary to maintain air circulation. Therefore, during the installation process, the installation environment should meet the following conditions. The working environment has high humidity and no condensation, and the working temperature is between 0 and 40 degrees.


2. Remove and install the box, and check for damage at this time. When inspecting the packaging, pay attention to whether it is damaged or has been installed incorrectly. If damaged, it should be replaced in time. And when unpacking, check the model number on the front door to meet the ordering requirements. And need to record the model data for future use.


3. Specific channels should also be designed, and all channels should be able to bear the weight of the box. So in this process, it is necessary to check the aisles, elevators and slopes, etc., to check whether there are dead ends and so on. At the same time, after placing the power supply, check to see if there are any leftovers in the cabinet.


4. After installing the battery, carefully check the total voltage of the battery system and the open circuit voltage of the single battery, positive and negative polarities.


5. When the battery is connected to the charging device or load, the circuit switch is in the off position to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected correctly.


6. Check the battery management parameters of the switching power supply monitoring unit to see if the relevant parameters are consistent with this manual.


UPS Power Supply Installation Process