What Are The Common Problems Of UPS Power Use?


How to correctly apply UPS power equipment? The following are common problems in the use of UPS power. Proper manipulation can increase the useful life of the system software and increase its efficiency.


1. Proper automatic switch sequence

In order to prevent the UPS from being damaged due to the influence of the current caused by the load at the moment of operation, the UPS should be powered first to be in a bypass operation state during application, and then the loads will be turned on one by one, so as to avoid the load current. The impact on the UPS increases the service life of the UPS. The standby sequence can be regarded as the whole process of the startup sequence. First, turn off the loads one by one, and then turn off the UPS.


2. Common problems before starting

Before starting, it is necessary to first determine whether the positive and negative poles of the input voltage connection are appropriate to ensure life safety. Note that the total output power of the load should not exceed the maximum power of the UPS. The UPS should be avoided to work in an overload state to ensure that the UPS can work normally.


3. Common problems after standby

After the voltage is interrupted, the UPS power supply cannot be distributed by the lithium battery pack and automatically switched on and off. When the voltage is abnormal and becomes the power distribution of the UPS lithium battery pack, the load should be immediately turned off and standby, and the application should be restarted after the voltage recovers.


4. The application environment

The ambient temperature of the UPS application conditions needs to be 0-40 ℃, the air humidity is 30%-90%, and the altitude is less than 1000 meters. If the ambient temperature is less than 0°C or moisture returns, the insulation performance of the UPS will be reduced, which will easily cause short-circuit faults; at the same time, it may also cause the UPS power supply and other facilities. RF connectors, household appliances connecting screws, component pins, shovels , spot welding, etc. etch and rust. In addition, the anti-magnetic work ability of UPS is not very good. Therefore, do not put strong magnetic objects on the UPS, otherwise it will cause abnormal operation of the UPS or damage the equipment.


What Are The Common Problems Of UPS Power Use?