The function of UPS power supply in the computer room


The online UPS power supply has functions such as stable pressure and filter. If the UPS power supply fails or is overloaded, it can be bypassed to supply power through the time. The UPS power supply in the computer room can continue to supply power when the mains power is interrupted to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


The function of UPS power supply in the computer room


Use the UPS power supply function of the computer room:


1. When a UPS power failure occurs, the UPS can continue to supply power to the load without service and ensure reliable power supply.


2. It could have been used with generators, fault-configured power supply or power distribution, to ensure the smooth flow of electricity.


3. The initial load is small, and expansion may occur later. A redundant design must exist, and loading cannot be turned off during expansion.


4. The space in the machine room is limited, and the equipment can be placed in the most space-saving way to save space, considering the load-bearing walls to prevent damage to the floor structure.


5. If a UPS fails, the battery in the failed UPS can be moved to another UPS that works normally to ensure the utilization of the battery in use and have enough discharge time.


6. All the batteries used in the UPS power supply have an alarm function against liquid leakage detection to prevent fire accidents.


7. For emergencies such as earthquakes and fires, it can provide remote or short-distance remote shutdown functions to prevent more serious losses in emergencies.


8. In order to provide monitoring software for remote network monitoring via Ethernet, multiple UPSs can be monitored simultaneously for centralized monitoring.


9. Provide temperature compensation charging function for the battery, and provide automatic charging and discharging on a regular basis. The battery voltage discharge time or discharge depth can be remotely set and controlled by user maintenance personnel.


The above is the "function of the UPS power supply in the computer room", the new intelligence of the UPS uninterruptible power supply in the computer room, which is more calm and genuine, guarantees the export quality, and can easily solve the power supply problem. More comprehensive protection, including power failure protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, switching protection, overcharge protection, voltage regulation protection, surge protection, load notification, etc.