Requirements For Ups Power In Industrial Application


Today, information technology has deeply and widely applied in production, operation, management etc different sessions in the industrial field.


Meanwhile, not only require continuity of power supply will get reliable assurance, but also have special requirement for power purity.


However, what is needed to point out in application of industry field, on the one hand, needs reliability of power supply. On the other hand, power equipment is subjected to various factors in running power equipment, leading to quality of power supply getting difficult to be valid assurance. For example, grid pollution, lightning, large capacity motor start up, power factor switching of compensation capacitors, will directly affect quality of power supply, cause voltage fluctuation, pulse and even power interruption. Under this situation, UPS, with steady voltage and high precision, was able to offer purity electrical energy to load uninterruptedly which provides reliable power guarantee for industrial production and management.


Based on the particularity of industrial applications occasion, industrial UPS is different in operational environment, actual load etc many aspects to compared with UPS used in general data room. Firstly, in the process of industrial manufacturing, often accompanied by dust, acid mist, high temperature, noise, dryness or excessive humidity etc various harsh environmental conditions, meanwhile industrial grid environment is extremely unstable, often face radio disturbance, surge shock, peak lower limit etc various grid pollution.  Secondly, the load connected by industrial UPS is extremely complex which most of power is inductive load, capacitive load, fluctuating and high peak shock loads which have a great impact on current.


Thus, considering various objective factors, in actual application, industrial UPS ensure high reliability and high availability, besides, it should have a great performance on environment adaptability, load capacity etc many aspects, only that ups can face effectively harsh operating environment and power supply environment and the test of the load environment in industrial applications.