What is the main function of UPS power supply


What is UPS uninterruptible power supply? UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), namely uninterruptible power supply, is a constant voltage and constant frequency uninterruptible power supply with energy storage device and inverter as the main component. Mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment. Up to now, UPS has been widely used in all aspects of information collection, transmission, processing, storage and application; postal, telecommunications, mobile, financial securities, hospitals, electric power, military, petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises and universities and many others. an area. So what is the main function of UPS power supply?


What is the main function of UPS power supply


1. Power failure protection


When the utility grid is suddenly cut off, the UPS power system will immediately convert the DC power of the UPS battery into AC power to continue to supply power to the load, avoiding the inconvenience and loss caused by the power cut.


2. Surge protection


Usually, the UPS power supply system will have a head discharge design to absorb the surge, so as to avoid the impact of the surge problem on the use efficiency and life of the equipment, and provide protection for the equipment.


3. High and low voltage protection


When the mains voltage is high and low, the voltage regulator (AVR) in the UP power supply keeps the mains voltage within a usable safe range to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. When the high and low voltage exceeds the usable range, the UPS power supply system will start the battery power supply to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.


4. Instant protection


The mains sometimes has voltage surges and sags or instantaneous voltage drops. Such problems will affect the accuracy of the equipment. In severe cases, the precision equipment will be damaged and users will suffer losses. The UPS system can provide stable voltage to protect the equipment.


5. Remote monitoring of UPS power supply in computer room


Remotely discharge the equipment room to extend the service life of 1-2 years; the remote monitoring and discharge solution is suitable for single-point and multi-point occasions, and can monitor thousands of scales. Realize the remote switch on and off, remote charge and discharge of the battery, and the administrator can send SMS alarm, telephone alarm, sound and light alarm, etc. when abnormality is found, which saves costs in all aspects, and can realize 24 hours of unattended duty.


6. Harmonic distortion protection


When the power is transmitted to the user through the transmission and distribution lines, the voltage waveform is distorted, and the fundamental current changes to generate harmonics. Harmonics will affect the use of equipment, and the UPS power supply can provide stable and high-quality power for the equipment, effectively improving the operating efficiency and life of the equipment.


7. The voltage stabilization function of the system


The voltage regulation function of the system is completed by the rectifier. The rectifier device adopts thyristor or high-frequency switching rectifier, which has the function of controlling the output amplitude according to the change of the external power, so that when the external power changes (the change should meet the system requirements) , the output amplitude is basically unchanged rectified voltage.


8. The effect of suppressing transverse mode and common mode noise


The transverse mode noise is generated between the live wire and the neutral wire; the common mode noise is generated between the live wire, the neutral wire and the ground wire. Invisible power problems are unavoidable, endangering instruments and equipment all the time and causing losses to users. The UPS power supply escorts the instruments and data, ensures the normal operation of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.


9. Purification function


The purification function is completed by the energy storage battery. Since the rectifier cannot eliminate the instantaneous pulse, there is still a pulse in the rectified voltage. In addition to the function of storing DC energy, the energy storage battery is like a large-capacity capacitor connected to the rectifier, and the size of its equivalent capacitance is proportional to the capacity of the energy storage battery. Since the voltage across the capacitor cannot be abruptly changed, the smoothing characteristic of the capacitor to the pulse is used to eliminate the pulse, which plays a purification function, also known as the shielding of the pair.


What is the main function of UPS power supply


UPS power supply can solve problems such as power failure, lightning strike, surge, frequency oscillation, voltage mutation, voltage fluctuation, frequency drift, voltage drop, pulse interference, etc., and sophisticated network equipment does not allow intermittent power. Therefore, it is self-evident that the network center with servers, large switches and routers as the core should be equipped with UPS.