Online uninterruptible power system UPS working principle


Online uninterruptible power system UPS working principle


Online UPS


Online UPS is divided into mains and electrical equipment. Mains power is not directly supplied to electrical equipment. After reaching the UPS, it is converted to DC, and the battery is charged in two ways, and the other method returns to AC. Power supply for electrical equipment, the quality of mains is unstable or power failure, the advantage is that the output waveform is a sine wave like the mains, pure and noiseless, and the mains is unstable. For example, on the premise that the output power of the UPS is sufficient, it can supply power to all the equipment using the mains power.




The standby type is also called Off-Line UPS, which is also just a standby UPS. The direct power supply of the mains is also battery charging (Normal Mode). When the quality of the mains is unstable or the power is cut off, the mains circuit will The DC power is converted to alternating current and converted to take over the task of the power supply.


Online interweaving


On-Line Interleaving is also known as Online Interaction or Online Interaction UPS.