How long does the ups power supply last


UPS power supply generally refers to uninterruptible power supply. UPS plays a very important role, especially in the era of big data. UPS power supply can ensure continuous power supply in case of power outage, so as to ensure that data will not be lost during service. If there is no electricity for a long time, how long can the ups power supply be used?


How long does the ups power supply last


The ups power supply is charged through the battery inside when there is electricity. Once the power fails, it needs to be discharged to ensure the normal operation of the server. So how much the ups power supply depends on the capacity of the battery of the ups power supply. Generally, the larger the UPS power supply capacity, the longer the power supply time will be, and vice versa. Another factor is the power of the server. The higher the power of the server, the more power it consumes and the shorter the power supply time.


Therefore, the ups power supply time is determined by the capacity of the ups battery and the power consumption of the server provided by the ups. Generally, the ups power supply produced now provides different ups power supplies according to various servers with different needs. The power supply time ranges from 5 minutes to more than 10 hours.


In this way, there is enough time to save big data, so that important data can be saved safely.


It can be seen that the importance of ups power supply cannot be ignored. If there are more important data, it is necessary to ensure that the UPS power supply can provide power supply for a longer period of time. If you want to know more about Network And Server Online Ups, please contact us to answer your questions.