Explore the importance of UPS power supply in computer room configuration


For data centers, failures are inevitable during the operation of the power system. While failures are rare and short-lived, the consequences are often severe. When a power system fails, the operating state will change drastically. Therefore, the application of UPS power supply is particularly important for the uninterrupted operation of the computer room. Daily testing and maintenance of UPS power supply is also a top priority.


UPS power supply


UPS power supply is the power guarantee for many computer rooms, ensuring the continuity of power and the safety of the power system. UPS power supply has always played an important role in safety protection. The battery is an important part of UPS, and the battery is the final guarantee for power supply. It is undoubtedly the last insurance of UPS power supply. Its quality is directly related to whether the UPS works normally.


I think that UPS power supply is an important guarantee for the continuity of power supply in data centers and rooms, and it is also very important for the daily inspection and maintenance of UPS uninterruptible power supply system. On-demand expansion capacity, maintainability, efficiency, high availability, and small footprint have become the biggest advantages of modular UPS in data center construction.