Hospital UPS power supply scheme


Demand analysis:


With the rapid development of China's economy, the level of China's medical system is also rising rapidly, and hospitals at all levels continue to improve the level of software and hardware construction. The informatization and refinement of the medical system has become a consensus. Therefore, a reliable power supply system (such as UPS power supply) is also gradually applied to the power supply of hospital computer rooms and important medical systems.


Default configuration scheme:


The medical system in the building adopts a large industrial-grade UPS, and the UPS input and output are each equipped with a power distribution surface. The screen is ready for future expansion space. The UPS uninterruptible power supply includes an output isolating switch that meets the requirements of "Building Electrical Installations Part 7-710: Requirements for Special Installations or Locations Medical Locations". The UPS output screen sets the power distribution circuit according to the output needs of the use points on each floor, and provides power supply circuits for the respiratory system, ICU, operating room, and nurse stations on each floor.


Solution advantages:


Industrial-grade UPS is designed for large-scale users. Its main application areas include various data processing systems, communication systems, satellite systems, network systems, medical equipment, safety emergency escape equipment, monitoring safety systems, and various factory equipment.


Industrial online UPS power supply is designed with advanced IGBT high-frequency switch sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology, which has the advantages of UPS power supply quality, efficiency, low heat loss, low noise, small size, and long service life. At the same time, the modular design reduces the average maintenance time ( MTTR), easy to maintain, the digital design of the microprocessor simplifies the complex analog circuit. Humanized design, industrial-grade UPS provides users with high-availability and high-quality power, and provides an ideal patron saint for the majority of information users.