Off-grid 3KVA Solar Inverter

Off-grid 3kva Solar Inverter

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Product Description

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1. Product Service Environment of Off-grid 3KVA Solar Inverter


Item Value Comments
Ambient Temperature 0-40℃@ Nominal Power & Continuous Operating Condition  
Storage Temperature -15~60 ℃ PCBA
Humidity 20%-95% No Condensing
Power Derating With Altitude Nominal Power Up To And Including 1000m  
For More Than 1000m, Please Refer To The Standard Reduction Of Iec602040-3, And The Maximum Is 4000m.  


2. Product Feature of Off-grid 3KVA Solar Inverter


Complete Machine Capacity 3KVA
Board Model



Recommended size L×W×H (mm) 440×300×110
(kg) Reference Weight (No battery) 7.5
Board Model

U.CNTL.CT6K (Power 1~5kVA) L×W×H (mm) 163×55×25

Net Weightn(kg) 0.05

U.PSDR.VMH.CT5K (Power 3kVA)

L×W×H (mm) 346×285×75

Net Weight (kg) 2.8

Input Main Topology L+N+PE
Nominal Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Input Voltage Range

90~280V (home appliances)

170~280V (computer)

Frequency Range 40~70Hz, Default
Power Factor ≥0.99
Output Main Topology L+N+PE
Output Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Regulation ≤±5%
Frequency Range

Line Mode: Synchronized range

Battery Mode: 50/60Hz±0.1%

Harmonic Distortion

≤3%  (Linear Load)

≤5%  (Non-linear Load PF=0.7) 

Transfer Time Computer: Line Mode to Battery Mode 10ms (Typical) Home appliances: Line Mode to Battery Mode 20ms (Typical)

Overlord Capacity

Battery Mode

1min@102%~110% Load

10s@110%~130% Load

3s@130%~150% Load

0.2s@>150% Load

Efficiency Battery Mode 93.5%@24VDC
Battery Numbers 2
Charging Mode Two-stage/three-stage charging/PV charging
Charging Current 2~120A Adjustable
Environment Ambient Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 20%~95% (No condensing)
Storage Temperature -15~60℃ (Battery: 0~40℃)
Altitude The altitude should not exceed 1000m, and the height above 1000m should be reduced to a maximum of 4000m. Refer to IEC62040
Noise ≤50db
Indicators LCD 2*8pin/pitch 2.54mm, Supports 128-bit segment code, supports up to 4 buttons + 4 LED lights, and can display running/input/output/load modes, etc.
Communication RS232 Port 5PIN/Pitch2.0mm, Baud rate 2400
SNMP Port 2×5PIN/Pitch2.54mm Scalable SNMP card, USB, dry contact card, etc.
EPO Port 2PIN/Pitch2.0mm dry contact card
Certification / EN/IEC 61000, EN/IEC 62040, GB/T 7260, GB/T 4943, YD/T1095, TLC

Off-grid 3KVA Solar Inverter factory

Off-grid 3KVA Solar Inverter manufacturers

Off-grid 3KVA Solar Inverter suppliers

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