Power Factor 1.0 The UPS Is Online


With the development of electric vehicles, 5G, and the Internet, the world's demand for electricity is skyrocketing. How to ensure that equipment will not have problems due to power failure has become a problem faced by more and more enterprises.


There are generally two kinds of power supply equipment on the market, one is a generator, and the other is an uninterruptible power supply. Generators are suitable for long-term generation, but some special equipment is not feasible because of the time required to start up. Uninterruptible power supplies have been prepared for network servers, computers, high-speed trains, hospital operating rooms, high-precision equipment, 5G base stations, power base stations, laboratories and other equipment. The advantage of the uninterruptible power supply is 0ms switch, with its own voltage regulator function, to ensure that the equipment can run in a stable working environment.


There are three types of uninterruptible power supply: offline, online interactive and online. Our company specializes in the production of uninterrupted power supply manufacturers, and has more than 10 years of production experience. After careful research, we have recently introduced the HH series online uninterruptible power supply with a power factor of 1.0. From the perspective of HH1KVA-10KVA, this means that the 910W load must use 2KVA uninterruptible power supply, and now only HH1KVA uninterruptible power supply is required, greatly reducing the use cost of enterprises.


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