Importance Analysis of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


The security monitoring system involves a wide range of fields, and now it is becoming more and more intelligent, integrated and networked. Its importance is self-evident. As an important device to provide continuous power supply in the security monitoring system, UPS power supply is particularly important.


Importance Analysis of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


As far as the current security monitoring system is concerned, the equipment generally uses single-phase 220V electricity. These devices must continue to function properly after a power outage or circuit failure in order to keep the workplace safe. Often unimaginable events can easily occur without working properly.


UPS is one of the backup power sources consisting of batteries, inverters, chargers, voltage regulators and switches. If the mains power is input normally, the UPS will provide the load after the mains voltage is adjusted, and charge the built-in battery pack to store energy in the battery. If the power supply is interrupted (blackout) or the input fails, the UPS will immediately convert the energy of the integrated battery, continue to use the 220v AC immediately, keep the load in a normal state, and protect the load hardware and software from damage.


The UPS power supply comprehensively improves the power quality in the security monitoring system, comprehensively protects the entire system and network data, and ensures that it can continue to work even under special circumstances of power failure and man-made sabotage.


The security monitoring system has high requirements on the power supply, so an online (sine wave, mains power requirement) UPS power supply must be selected.


After the system is equipped with UPS power supply, the power consumption of the system equipment must be estimated first. The safety factor is generally 1.2-1.5, leaving enough redundancy in the power supply system. Second, configure the battery pack according to the system requirement delay power time calculation. Finally, pay attention to the use environment, moisture-proof ventilation, cooling, prolonging the mean working time between failures, and improving system reliability. The UPS power supply should be installed in the monitoring room for comprehensive management. When the mains power is abnormal, it can provide continuous power supply for all equipment in the system in time, so that the system can operate normally and prevent man-made damage, confidentiality and maintenance.


The security monitoring system is mainly used in various commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, campuses, banks, roads and other systems. These places are very important to the public, so we must be cautious in the process of configuring emergency power supplies.