How to prolong the service life of UPS power battery


Online UPS From the basic principle, online UPS is a kind of electrical protection equipment that contains energy storage device, uses inverter as the main component, and stabilizes voltage and frequency output. It is mainly composed of several parts such as rectifier, battery, inverter and static switch. Online UPS can provide protection measures in case of power failure so that the data can be preserved intact. If the online UPS can work normally for a long time, the UPS power battery is very important. So, how to prolong the service life of the UPS power battery? Now let Upsystem Power factory explain it to you in detail.


on-line UPS


1. The UPS power supply maintains a suitable ambient temperature, and the performance parameters of the UPS battery are calibrated at a room temperature of 20°C. The temperature rise around the online UPS will increase the internal chemical activity of the battery, thereby generating a large amount of heat energy, which in turn will increase the temperature of the surrounding environment. This vicious circle will accelerate and shorten the service life of the battery.


2. The online UPS power supply is regularly charged and discharged. The UPS battery should be fully discharged every two and a half months. The discharge time can be adjusted according to the capacity of the battery and the size of the load. After a full load discharge is completed, recharge for more than 8 hours according to the rules.


3. Regularly check the voltage and internal resistance of each unit UPS power supply battery, and stop balancing charging for each unit battery to restore the internal resistance of the battery and eliminate the terminal voltage imbalance between each unit battery.


4. Recharge the UPS power supply. If the UPS power supply battery is shut down for more than 10 days, before restarting the machine, start the UPS power supply under the condition of no load to use the charging circuit in the machine to recharge the battery for more than 10 to 12 hours before normal operation.


The above is "how to prolong the service life of UPS power supply battery". Normal work, so as to better protect data loss in case of power failure.


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